• Speech on the Opening Ceremony for the New Academic Year 2008/2009

Speech on the Opening Ceremony for the New Academic Year 2008/2009

Global integration, Omni-directional interaction, All-wins

(Speech on the Opening Ceremony for the New Academic Year 2008/2009)

Professor Youmin Xi, Acting Executive President of XJTLU


Dear students and parents of students, Honorable leaders, teachers and friends,

Good morning!

Today, the third batch of freshmen of XJTLU is joining us. On this occasion, I warmly welcome you on behalf of the University!

On the background of China promising to open the education market to the world after entering into WTO, China issued the Regulations of the People‘s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. Guided by the regulations, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University was established as the only strong-strong joint Sino-foreign collaborative University with the starting programmes in the fields of science, engineering and management. After its set up and two years of its development, XJTLU has entered into a healthy development stage. For instance, we have offered programmes in Telecommunications Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Computing Studies, Mathematics with Finance, Information Management and Information Systems, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Biological Sciences,and English (Business, Finance). We recruit our undergraduates from the first tier of the national university entrance applications and have attracted the best talents, and become a favourite choice of students and their parents. In 2008 we recruited 763 students nationally and 15 students internationally, totalling over 1500 students on campus now. Nearly 200 scholars and senior experts from all over the world have joined the University. English is the medium of instruction at XJTLU, except for year 1 Chinese Culture and fundamental modules. Our credit system and flexible educational system provide more options to students which are full of humanity. Our Support & Service student management model is recognized and welcomed by students and people from all works of life.

XJTLU will enter into its fast development phase, thanks to the cooperation among all parties, our two parent universities UoL and Xi’an Jiaotong University, and our major collaborators Suzhou Higher Education Town and Laureate Education Inc.. With clearer objectives and firmer attitude we are determined to develop XJTLU to be a first class international university which will be able to educate graduates with progressive education philosophy, undertake rigorous research, closely interact with local economy and be efficiently self-managed. We will devote ourselves to educating graduates to have an international outlook, be able to compete internationally, have a solid foundation and all round knowledge, and have the courage to explore and innovate. Graduates will feel at ease interacting and collaborating with the people concerned. Graduates will be highly motivated and determined to achieve. The University aims to educate graduates to become technical and managerial professionals, equipped with up to date knowledge of their specialty and professional ethics. Graduates will be proficient in English, honest, and creative. As an individual every graduate will have their own individual characteristics yet feel at ease working in a team.

With the arrival of economic globalization, expanding knowledge and a dynamic world economy, the university education has to face challenges in term of improving students’ qualifications and abilities, laying the foundation for life-long study and adapting to the complex fast changing environment. In order to realize our educational ideal, we will continually explore new education models, improve teaching and practice process, and strengthen internationalization of education. For instance, training graduates’ organizational skill to integrate their knowledge through teamwork and project; improving graduates’ international outlook and competition through international communication and practice;  providing chances to combine theory and practice through close interaction with enterprises; guiding graduates to actively making life plans to lay solid foundation of future healthy development through tutor systems and introduction of talents as tutors from enterprises and parents; equipping graduates with cross-cultural understanding and ability to live in an international environment through using English as the medium of teaching. In one word, we will endeavor to improve our graduates in terms of qualification, knowledge, ability and language to equip them with strength and sensibility to compete internationally. We hope in near future we can see our graduates to have outstanding achievements in joint ventures, international organizations, government agencies and other key players in economic society!

We, at the University, are striving hard to fully realize the above educational objectives. Our education philosophy and instruction methods require every student to have positive sprit, self-control ability and strong sense of responsibility. Students   must realize that the person who is responsible for your study and growth is yourself rather than your parents, the University or the society. To be true, parents, the University and society have to provide good environment to young generation, while the critical element for healthy growth is young students yourselves. Thus, we hope that every student truly realizes that you are a mature adult and be responsible for learning how to be a person with noble-mind and responsibility, besides studying during your stay in the University. Every student should endeavor to improve your qualifications, fashion personal characteristics, form healthy and positive attitude, train innovative spirit and refine various abilities, namely ability of life-long study, combining theory and practice, interpersonal communication, collaboration with people concerned, organizational management and so on. What we hope is to educate you to be technical and managerial professionals with ability to compete internationally.

At the critical moment of the University’s entering into a fast development period, you join the University bringing new blood and energy to it. You will participate into the University’s development and witness the University’s growth. The University is proud of you. I hope the University will develop vigorously to realize its vision and mission through interaction between staff, student, the University, parents and the society. Students and friends who care for the University’s development will be also proud of XJTLU!

I wish every student to have a good stay and a happy life in the international university of XJTLU, in the beautiful Higher Education Town in Suzhou, which is called “Heaven on earth”.

Thank you!